Being productive should not be synonymous with being stressed, as is commonplace in our times! Let this thoughtful extension be your device’s basis to contribute to a serene yet useful experience. We hope that this extension will help you remember to breathe and relax every time you initiate a browser search. This is Art and Weather, Co.

HD Background

Handpicked, tasteful, artsy backgrounds brought to you in dynamic frequencies and high definition to help you maintain your inner serenity


What’s today going to look like? Should you stay indoors or maybe today is a good day to work from the coffee shop? We got you– glance at the weather at any time without being disrupted

The extension

Soup up your browsing experience by getting this extension now in the Chrome webstore

This extension opens in a new tab on your Chrome browser. In other words, it takes over a new tab to bring you Bing search results.